Sea-Doo 2018 Spark Trixx SPECIAL

  • Sea-Doo 2018 Spark Trixx

Colour: Orange/Red and Blue/Red

Engine: Rotax 1503 HO ACE

Top Speed: 77 km/h

Capacity: 2 or 3 Riders

Hull Type: Spark Hull, Light and Easy to Handle

Spark 2UP Trixx Standard Features:

  • Intelligent Brake and Reverse(iBR)

  • Handlebar with adjustable riser to provide more leverage for increased rider input

  • Step wedges for more stability in different riding positions

  • Extended-range variable trim system(VTS) and quick, pre-set positions

  • Bilge pump

Spark 3UP Trixx Standard Features:

  • Includes Spark Trixx 2up standard features

  • Added stability with platform extension

  • Longer seat with place for 2 adults + 1 child

  • Tow Sports capability*

Price: $10,000 & $12,000